Hi Alexander,

I am going to take this back to the Zope list...

Have you examined the STUPID_LOG_FILE?  It seems you're showing us the error
from an interactive session, but there should be more information in the log
file.  It seems you've narrowed this down in some fashion to Yihaw.  How did
you do that, what brought you to that conclusion?  What class does the
pickled data in the "could not load oid" traceback seem to be an instance of

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Hello Chris,

Wednesday, November 08, 2000, 11:23:44 PM, you wrote:

CM> Your ZODB isn't corrupted... it's a configuration issue.  You've deleted
CM> class without deleting all of its instances from the ZODB, most likely.

I definitely didn't do that. And for example Yihaw directory is
present in Products directory and all its class are. I can add any
object form Yihaw family and while i in the same session all is
working like a charm. But if i close the browser, next attempt to
access the object from another session shows the broken object.

CM>   You can probably figure out which classes they are, reinstall the

I failed to reintstall the products - the error message was in my
previous message. I tried to do this over existing product and after
its removal with the same result. Looks like some parts of a deleted
product persist in ZODB.

CM> they come from, and delete their instances, thereby making the errors go

I just removed Yihaw, packed the database and tried to import it again
and got the same error...

Error Type: Could not load oid =, pickled data in traceback info may
contain clues
Error Value: None

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