> It's a Winzip thing. I'll bet wampum generator is a .tar file, just rename
> it to a .tgz file and  it should open just fine.

Just some thoughts/guesses:

I'll bet Kathy uses Internet Explorer. Don't know about Netscape, but
it becomes more and more difficult to get IE _not_ to try to be "smart"
about any file you download. In this case I think there's some kind of 
transparent mechanism which kicks in and tries to transparently decompress
files of type  application/x-tar. 
Guess it's a helper for compressed vrml .wrl.gz (or similar) files.
In this case renaming to .tgz works, but I think I saw the same mess the 
other way around when IE didn't remove the .gz suffix but nonetheless
transparently decompressed the file.

These things are extremely annoying when dealing with relativly 
unexperienced clients who, say, just want to _download_ an .avi
file with a left-klick. MS has implemented a lot of magic there, 
AFAIK IE even tries to guess the filetype by its content in some 
cases and then ignores each and every http-header which might 
suggest otherwise.

Adding "Content-Disposition: attachment" as a http-header seems to help
(for the .avi case).


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