Hi Jason,

   I've been working with Flash some lately as well.. with an eye
toward useful vector graphics for Zope. There is a library called ming
(http://www.opaque.net/ming) with a (SWIG'ed) python extension that
I've been slowing working through, adding wrapping fuctions and
getting to the point of Zope'ability. Ming is a 'swf' creation library
with no connection to Macromedia. Something like this would free folks
from the need to buy 'MM Flash' to work with swf output. It also would
make a great way to generate swf 'on the fly' within Zope.. I'll try to
get a proof of concept working.... 


>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Cunliffe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Jason> Hello

    Jason> I am missing the start of this thread, so I may be off
    Jason> topic, but you might want to look seriously at Flash5 for
    Jason> the client side programming and graphics.

    Jason> PROS:

    Jason> 1. Flash5 ActionScript is _very_ close to JavaScript

    Jason> 2. Flash Player/Plugin is much smaller than SVG 300Kb
    Jason> vs. 13Mb I think + large user installed base.

    Jason> 3. Flash5 has new XML and XMLSockets objects which should
    Jason> integrate nicely with XMLRPC and Zope via some smooth
    Jason> Python external method programming.

    Jason> 4. Flash will allow _much_ more client side interactivity
    Jason> than SVG

    Jason> 5. You can port SVG graphics to Flash using various tools
    Jason> [or even write your own].

    Jason> 6. You can still use SVG JavaScript and do some comparisons
    Jason> where appropriate...

    Jason> 7. Flash is more mature than SVG, though I agree SVG is
    Jason> developing very well. I expect we shall see some serious
    Jason> applications during next 12 months with it.

    Jason> 8. Flash is very object-oriented once you grok to its
    Jason> design. Thus mirrors Zope very well.

    Jason> CONS:

    Jason> A. Flash has steepish learning curve, but high payback and
    Jason> reusability.  [Not as tough as Zope :-) ] B. SVG is fully
    Jason> open; the Flash spec is 'published' but not open in the
    Jason> same way.  C. must be more but cant thing of them right now

    Jason> If you are interested contact me - I have lots of useful
    Jason> research on this topic.

    Jason> - Jason

    Jason> _______________________________________________________
    Jason> Jason Cunliffe = Nomadics['Interactive Art+Technology']

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    >> | David Nimmons wrote:
    >> | >
    >> | > I am trying to develop a web based interface to automation
    >> equipment (Allen | > Bradley plc's in this case) to use for an
    >> operator interface. I am
    Jason> using
    >> | > SVG to develop graphics and want to use javascript to
    >> manipulate the | > graphics based on data from the plc. I am
    >> looking for a way to pull
    Jason> more
    >> | > data from the server without having to reload the page. My
    >> question is will | > XML-RPC allow this. Or does Zope have some
    >> other mechanism that would allow | > this. Thanks for any help.
    >> |
    >> | Actually this is mainly a client-side problem, on server side
    >> you have | total | freedom to serve any protocol ;)
    >> |
    >> | Often this kind of problem is solved by having twho frames
    >> and data is | aquired | by reloading the "data-page" which then
    >> manipulates the | "presentation-page" | using javascript,
    >> possibly in its onLoad method.

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