I have a new question that may (?) be the same old one in a different

The idea is to have two ZClasses, say Foo and Bar. Bar is a nested class 
of Foo. The Foo object should be able create n instances of the Bar
objects and the Bar object should also be able to create n instances of
other Bar objects.

Creating Bar in Foo is no problem.
Creating Bar in Bar is a problem since Zope won't display the interface
for adding objects. Adding new Bars is selected in the permissions
menu/tab for both ZClasses.

Foo inherits ZClass:ObjectManager and Bar is a "child" of Foo. I've tried
grovelling around the mailing-lists and seen discussions about inheriting
OFS:Folder and/or issues of folderish-ness.

I tried making Bar inherit OFS:Folder, but then I just got a popup menu
that lets me create Foo, but not Bar.

I'm confused and starting to feel like a bit of a dumb-ass. Can someone
point me in the right direction? Thanks,

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Jim Washington wrote:

> Hi, Aaron
> Yes.
> If your parent ZClass is constructed properly, you should be able to add
> the parent class's management tabs by setting a "view". On the "Views"
> tab, look in the Method list for
> propertysheets/[ParentClassPropertySheetName]/manage.  The properties on
> that sheet are accessible just like any of the child class's properties.
> -- Jim Washington

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