Hi Alex,

   If the changes that are made are always 'one-way' you could rsync
Data.fs, or you could 'export' certain folders that could then be
'imported' at the mirror site. These could both be automated pretty
easily.  As you noted, if you take the rsync route you'll need to shut
down and restart Zope. If you do the export/import you can leave Zope
running (though you may want to pack the DB afterwards.) Another nice
feature of export/import is that you can have some parts of the site
that are managed at company B and other parts managed by company A. An
even better approach might be some kind of ZEO solution.. but I don't
know anything about ZEO other than the name. ;-)


>>>>> "Bowyer," == Bowyer, Alex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Bowyer,> Here is the situation, can you offer advice?

    Bowyer,> Machine A is running a Zope server for a wide-area
    Bowyer,> network in Company A.  This is an Intranet site which
    Bowyer,> changes regularly.  Machine B serves a separate wide-area
    Bowyer,> network in Company B, and Company B employees need access
    Bowyer,> to Company A's intranet.  The link between Machine A and
    Bowyer,> Machine B is too slow/low-bandwidth for all of company
    Bowyer,> B's employees to access A's intranet directly.  Therefore
    Bowyer,> we want to have a Zope server on Machine B with a mirror
    Bowyer,> copy of the Company A intranet.  The problem is, how can
    Bowyer,> we keep this mirror copy updated on a daily basis?

    Bowyer,> Ideally we need an automatic process to run each night
    Bowyer,> and update the mirror on B.

    Bowyer,> The ideas I had were :

    Bowyer,> 1) stop B's Zope server, copy across data.fs and restart
    Bowyer,> B. But can this be done automatically?

    Bowyer,> 2) somehow keep a log of changes made in A, and at the
    Bowyer,> end of day, export the changed files, import them on B,
    Bowyer,> overwriting the originals. Can this be done in Zope code?
    Bowyer,> Can this be automated?

    Bowyer,> Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on these ideas? Or
    Bowyer,> does anyone know of a better way, perhaps an existing
    Bowyer,> Zope package or solution?

    Bowyer,> Thanks again,

    Bowyer,> Alex

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