Hi, Marc

The SQL engine usually returns something that looks like a list of

So, you might try using (untested, but I have done similar things)

"genericSQL(SQLStatement='Select count(*) from my_table where my_field =
\'0\'')[0][0] == 0"

The [0][0] identifies the first cell in the first row of what is
returned, which should be the value you are looking for.  I have not
used the genericSQL statement, but this idea has worked for me in the


-- Jim Washington

zope wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to test if there is some data in a table.
> If so, I want to perform some action, otherwise I wan't to print out a message.
> (<dtml-if>..<dtml-else>..</dtml-if>)
> My SQL statement is something like:
> Select count(*) from my_table where my_field = something
> What DTML code do I need to perform that if-statement?
> Something like the following does not work :-(
> <dtml-if "genericSQL(SQLStatement='Select count(*) from my_table where
> my_field = \'0\'') == 0">
>    YES! There's some data!
> <dtml-else>
>    no records found!
> </dtml-in>

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