On Tuesday 21 November 2000 20:04, Harris Peter wrote:
> > Andreas Tille wrote:
> > > I just gived Mozilla M18 a try and noticed that <Back> Button of the
> > > browser doesn't work in zopŘe management screen.  Netscape 4.75 (and
> Konqueror doesn't seem to work well with zope either - I sometimes
> get repeated password prompts, and the management screens don't come up
> at all - I just see the index_html document instead of the folder contents.
> I get the same bother with w3m, but not with IE or lynx.
> If all that's wrong with mozilla is the back button, I'll maybe give it a
> try.
> Peter Harris

Yeh, I've tried a bunch of browsers over the time I've been using Zope, 
because Netscape leaks memory (when you have JavaScript enabled and use 
textareas.... hmm... why would Zope cause problems? :).

Of the Linux versions, I find the following problems :
(this is not an extensive list, but the problems make the browser 
sufficiently difficult to use....)

Amaya - no real Frames support
Opera - some odd problem with forms in frames
        won't allow you to adjust edit box sizes (for DTML Methods/Documents)
Konqueror - seems forgetful of passwords

I have used a couple of others (which I can't recall just now) and they still 
didn't make the grade.

so, unfortunately, I'm stuck with Netscape.  I'm using 6.0, which seems only 
a little more bloaty, and a little less responsive, that 4.75.  With 
JavaScript disabled, it doesn't seem to leak memory (I've not been game to 
try with it enabled, yet :)

I know this is often considered an evil thought, but I'd really like IE on my 
Linux box, or at least something of equal quality.

Curtis Maloney

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