seb bacon wrote:
> * Paul Winkler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [001127 19:54]:
> > I want the user to be sent to a particular URL after calling the
> > product's manage_add method. How can I do that?
> > The URL I want is REQUEST['URL3'].
> >
> > I've tried RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['URL3']) but that's not it - the
> > RESPONSE doesn't seem to exist here.
> sounds alright to me.  are you calling it in quotes, e.g. <dtml-var
> "RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['URL3'])"> ?
> you shouldn't have to use the REQUEST to look up the variable, either:
> <dtml-var "RESPONSE.redirect(URL3)">

Thanks for the reply.
OK, I didn't phrase the question correctly.

I think it boils down to this:
If I have a string that represents a URL, can I define a method of my
product (in python, not in DTML) that redirects the browser to that

More details:

My product code is based on Boring (like most newbies I guess).
But manage_addBoring() does not do quite what I want. It returns
self.manage_main(self, REQUEST), so they end up at a long and ugly URL
that isn't where I want them to be anyway.

 the user is at:


Bobby then clicks on a button I've provided that says "Add Test
Product". That sends him to the add form I've created. When Bobby
submits the request from this form, the product is added and he's sent


...because manage_addMyProduct returns self.manage_main
So I understand what's happening, but it's not what I want.
I don't want to send him there, I want to send him back to 


So how can I do that from within the manage_addMyProduct method
The method gets a REQUEST argument, and I know that REQUEST['URL3'] is
what I want because if I return that string, it prints the URL I want.

I could do it by returning an HTML page with a redirect in the <head>
but that seems like a horribly ugly solution.

Looking through various Zope docs, I thought RESPONSE.redirect might
work, but  RESPONSE is not mentioned anywhere in Boring
only uses REQUEST.

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