> You should look at the source of your "class2_add",
> especially the constructor that creates the object.
> I expect, that you use "class2.createInObjectManager"
> to create your "class2" instance.
> "C.createInObjectManager" usually uses "C.aq_parent" to
> determine the object manager where the new C instance
> should be created (unless it has a "Destination" attribute).
> This should be your "class1" instance "instance1", more
> precisely, an acquisition wrapper for it.

Wowsers! This is all a little over my head...

I've scoured the docs and I can't find anything on aq_parent. (And
createInObjectManager is weak...) Wouldn't the object manager (to add
object to) be determined by the URL? I've done
REQUEST.set('URL','...myClass1/') but that doesn't help. Isn't there
SOMETHING in the REQUEST object that tells it where things should get

Anymore info (or pointers to better docs) would be great. Thanks.

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