The new zope site seems to be running very well.

I have a virtual server account on which I had previously installed zope
2.2.2 which was later successfully upgraded to 2.2.4, unfortunantly I had
problems in setting up MySQLdb.

I have now removed zope and python 1.5.2, re-installed python2.0, within my
domain. Which is part of the larger domain. So my root directory is not in /
but is in /usr/home/mydir/ , within which I have installed python2.0 I have
changed the .login file so that the path for the new python installation is
available through out my domain. So that when I type python2.0 at the # I
can use the python interpreter, this seems to work OK.

Therefore my question/s are:
If there is python on the root machine as well as on the virtual servers, so
that both python and python2.0 will run from the command prompt, will this
cause problems when I install the new virsion of zope 2.2.4?

Do I need to change any configurations to the makefile or setup so that zope
knows it is using python2.0 and not the root installation of python, if so
what will this changes be?

I would like to configure the zope installation so that it is set up with an
existing web server, currently Apache 1.3.12 as per your How-To by by maryniak, but I
am unsure as to where in the procedure I specify that I have python already

Do I need to specify this before?

And finally, do I need the Python MySQLmodule extension be installed before
Zope or after?
Many thanks for your help


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