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   Subject: [Zope] Factoids for supporting zope

   > I am going through a justification (risks) of the use of Zope for a
   > corporate client. Framing things as an Open Source play relies on the
   > health of its community for its longevity and access to expertise for
   > support. I remember some number tossed out when the Members folder at
   > went to Btree. What is the current # of Members? Is this an
   > estimate of the Zope community? I think there is probably some dead
   > wood in that # but at least its an estimate. I remember it being over 10K.

   Not sure...

   > Our client thought that the recent VC money was about 1/2 what would
   > be needed to make it fly. My argument is that money is leveraged by
   > the active Zope community so a crux in my logic is how strong this
   > community is.

   1/2 of what would be needed to make it fly with Zope?  Or 1/2 of what would
   be needed with any app server?

Since they come from a non Zope context it would be from the general
position and the onus is on me to bring in the Zope context in the
construction of my argument.


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