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> At 11/28/00 11:34 AM, albert boulanger wrote:
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> > >   Ah.  Well, my opinion is that it'd be fairly dangerous
> > >   to make the assertion that (as great as they both are)
> > >   Zope and the Zope community can "make up for" the other
> > >   half of the capital they need to develop the software they
> > >   want.  So what's the decision they're trying to make?  Whether
> > >   to develop at   all?
> >
> > Whether to go with portal products from Plumtree or iPlanet.
> If this implies that you are considering using Zope's PTK, then you should
> be aware of this: You can *not* get commercial support from Digital
> Creations for PTK because PTK is not a released product. If you think you
> may need such support before PTK gets to 1.0, then you had best not use the
> PTK. But that's no reason to not use the rest of Zope.

As the current product lead for the PTK, and a DC consultant who
uses it every day in developing software for customers, I wouldn't
say that your statement is, perhaps, misleading.  While I'm not the
person who negotiates support contracts for DC, I do know that DC
sees the PTK as a key element of our future growth plans.

In the meantime, most people get their support fo using the PTK
from the place they get support for using Zope:  right here on
the lists:


(I watch the PTK tracker, as well).

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