Jason C. Leach wrote:

> hi,
> With Apache in front of zope, do you disable Medusa?

No.  Apache merely acts as a proxy server.  Apache gets a request, 
passes the request on to Zope, Medusa/Zserver serves up the results back 
to Apache, which then hands them out to the original requester.

> And do you need to
> set both Apache and Zope to have the vhosts (do I need to set up a vhost
> twice?).

In a manner of speaking, yes.  That is, Apache needs to have correctly 
configured VirtualHost directives to handle the requests from the 
outside world appropriately, and Zope needs to have the SiteAccess 
product installed with correctly configured SiteRoots and access rules. 
  It takes a little bit of time to figure out, but it works like a charm 
and is really quite simple, once you wrap your head around it.  There's 
a great HOW-TO on this at http://www.zope.org/Members/anser/apache_zserver.

Another benefit of this setup is that it can allow for both regular HTTP 
and SSL connections to all of your sites, so you can remotely access the 
manage screens without sending your passwords in the clear.  A HOW-TO 
for this lives at http://www.zope.org/Members/unfo/apache_zserver_ssl. 
I still haven't figured out a clean way to make it impossible to access 
sensitive areas UNLESS you're using SSL, however.  Anyone out there 
doing this?


> On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Rob Miller wrote:
>> Jason C. Leach wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> Has anyone implemented there own logging for Virtual Sites?
>>> I was thinking in the site rules an External Method could be called,
>>> passed the Request obj, and from that generate logs for virtual sites.
>>> If anyone has done that, or knows of a better way I'd be interested in
>>> hearing it.
>> I'm not exactly sure what your goal is... but if you're just trying to 
>> generate separate log files for each of your virtual sites, I'm accomplishing 
>> that by having my virtual sites proxied behind Apache (using SiteAccess and 
>> the ProxyPass directive) and specifying the log files for each VirtualHost in 
>> my httpd.conf file.  You can control the contents of the logs using the 
>> LogFormat directive; I use the same format for all of my virtual hosts, but I 
>> think you can specify a different log format for each host if you desire.
>> If you're trying to accomplish something else which requires you to handle the 
>> logging on the Zope side of things, then it seems to me that your idea would 
>> work, although I'd want to find out how my server performance would be affected...
>> Hope this is useful for you,
>> rob

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