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> But his post does in fact seem to be a common first-time experience. So I
> would like to suggest a sensible super-newbie-oriented adjustment to _all_
> future Zope installations:

While i really agree to that (always in term of bringing Zope to the 
masses), this remains me a **very common** comment i often receive.

First, forget all what you know about web programming, languages, python 
and zope.
Imagine you're just a good buddy who only wants to be convinced to allow 
you to use whatever tool you propose (yes evangelization...)

Each time they see the message "Zope Error" (even for unauthorized login 
! or your own programing error) they are telling "pfffffff this software is really 
buggy", and the poison is here.

So i would suggest, as a "marketing" feature to change the error message 
to something more accurate or at least who doesn't imply Zope 
(something like "your code sucks" ..  just kidding !).

I know that i can patch zope (and i've done it) to change the general error 
message but this would be a general benefit for non technical people if 
they can leave this bad feeling about "Zope Error", because it's NOT a 
zope error, and finaly this simple thing makes more against Zope than a 
lot of real complain wich remains out of the knowledge area for managers 
or executives.


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