Hi everybody,

what I want to do is fairly simple, but I've got a namespace problem:

- via a form I want to add a new folder, add some properties to the new
folder, then add a DTML document within the new folder.
- whatever I try, the properties as well as the new document are added
to the parent folder of the new folder instead of to the new folder.

Here some experiments (don't look at the syntax):

        <dtml- call "manage_addFolder (NewFolderName)">
        <dtml-with "_.getitem(NewFolderName)">
               <dtml- call "manage_addProperty (ID,...)">
               <dtml- call "manage_addDocument (ID,...)">

This looks fine to me, but ZOPE insists on creating the new document in 
instead of 

Some more stuff for wondering:

If I do a 
               <dtml-with "_.getitem('NewFolder')"> 
               <dtml-var "_.getitem('NewFolder',0)">

to get an actual value for testing purposes, ZOPE returns the *correct*
value of 'NewFolder'

But if I do an additional 
               <dtml-in objectItems>
                id: <dtml-var sequence-key>,
                type: <dtml-var meta_type>
to list the objects of the actual namespace (placed *after* the above
<dtml-with..>, the output consists of the objects of the
/OldFolder-namespace, but not that of the

...I'm sure this is a rookie-problem and can be solved by turning a
switch or two (perhaps in my brain), but I'm stuck.

Do you/anybody has any clue?

Thanks in advance - Alexander
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