Finally my ZOPE is connected to MySQL succesfully, i can insert, delete the record,but i can not search and view my record in ZOPE. When i go to MySQL it can shows all my database records after my modification in ZOPE. Every time when i want to search or view my records it will promt out the illegal operation message in ZOPE and my pyhon will be exactly look like this:-
iles\WebSite\" -D
2000-12-13T08:34:28 PROBLEM(100) ZServer Computing default hostname
2000-12-13T08:34:31 INFO(0) ZServer Medusa (V1.16.4.2) started at Wed Dec 13 16:
34:31 2000
        Hostname: ANGIE
2000-12-13T08:34:31 INFO(0) ZServer FTP server started at Wed Dec 13 16:34:31 20
        Hostname: angie
        Port: 8021
2000-12-13T08:34:31 INFO(0) ZServer PCGI Server started at Wed Dec 13 16:34:31 2
        Inet socket port: 8090
2000-12-13T08:34:31 INFO(0) ZServer Monitor Server (V1.8) started on port 8099
C:\Program Files\WebSite>
P/s let me know me that whether this is regard to my MySQL or ZOPE or Python, but i have tried to reinstall all of them, and the situation is still remain the same. Thanks for your concern.

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