This is not directly a zope-question,
but maybe someone has figured out how to solve

I'm using apache with mod_rewrite to redirect
requests for a certain directory from apache to zope 
(with option [p]).

Now for the first time I can't get apache to do want
I want it to, that is logging the usernames into
apaches logfile.

Apache does this only when enabling apache's mod_auth

<Directory Proxy:*>
AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Ihr Login..."
    AuthUserFile "/httproot/web/bogus_userfile.txt"
    require valid-user

or similar, but the silly thing then also wants his own 
I am not able to get it to extract the username without
really requiring apache authentication.

Does anybody know how I could accomplish that?
Any dirty tricks to get apache to *think* it authentifies,
but letting through every username/password combination,
so that zope can do it's job?
And no, putting any of this combinations in bogus_userfile.txt
is not an option ;->.

Another possibility (which gets me more on-topic) is to
do that in medusas http_server (which logs a '-' hardcoded),
but the only way I could imagine (and code myself) would 
be to do the base64-decoding there and that seems not quite
elegant, even more because apache's log-files hold the
client-ip in this situation and therefore are more 
informative anyway.


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