that BBedit have not been tested as a DTML editor for Zope
<> but it works fine and is a good solution for
MacOS users. A few tricks which may be included on if you
think so:

BBedit <> has two
versions, a free (as in free beer) one and a commercial one. I tried
only the first, the second seems to have many useful things for Zope. 

The official list of plugins at BBedit official site is far from
complete (because they allow the free version to be less antiquated by
the commercial one?). Most of the plugins are in
info-mac/_Text_Processing/_BBEdit. I suggest the HTML plugin (to have
some useful HTML menus), the Midex plugin (to translate composed
characters since MacOS is not Latin-1) and the FTP plugin (to exchange
with Zope).

If you transfer with Fetch, for reasons I don't know, the Zserver does
strange things in text mode. You have to transfer in binary (which
makes you lose the charset translation) and then to import with "LF
translation" in BBedit. 

I prefer to transfer with the FTP plugin (but you still have to
convert the composed characters with Midex, which is
painful). Unfortunately, it seems no longer maintained.

For both FTP clients, don't forget to add the FTP port number
(typically 8021) after the host name (separated with a space).

I did not test the Interarchy FTP client, which some people recommend. is a good list of tricks for BBedit.

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