On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Nuno Goncalves wrote:
> >    Why hard? Not hard at all - develop your own set of classes, make it
> > into a Product, and use instance of these classes instead of DTML
> > Documents. Actually, there is nothing special in DTML Documents - they are
> > instances of DTMLDocument class, nothing more. Creating your own type of
> > document is not harder, IMHO.
> I was thinking about that to !
> But how could you build a page with the template developed ??
> something like:
> and how can you generelize the objects to beeing used by the template ?

   No, no, no! :)
   You misunderstand how the Zope works. You think that basic building
block is a piece of HTML (probably you think to put it into DTML
Documents). No. In Zope basic building block is "instance of some python
class". A DTML Document is an instance of DTMLDocument class, e.g.
   If you develop your own set of classes, you'll just build Zope sites
creating instances of these classes - you put HTML fragmenst just into
these instances. Zope will call your objects, you don't need to use DTML to
call them.

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