No, you are right. It does not work. It is because LM's default login
method is Basic. Basic logout does not work because of Basic
authentication and that the browser caches the credential. This means
unless you shut down your browser, whatever you do, you are back to
square one.

The remedy is to change your login method to Cookie so that
AUTHENTICATED_USER.logout() works.

Good luck.
Title: [Zope] LoginManager - logging out

[Zope] LoginManager - logging out

Aleksander Salwa [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 14:58:43 +0100 (CET)

I used this code in my "logoutForm" to logout user in my old setup
(LoginManager-0_8_7a1, ZPatterns-0-4-2a1 and Zope 2.2.1):
<dtml-call "AUTHENTICATED_USER.logout()">

It doesn't work when using LoginManager-0-8-8b1 + ZPatterns-0-4-3b2 +
Zope 2.2.4.
I've found a work-around:
<dtml-call "acl_users.logoutUser(AUTHENTICATED_USER.getId())">
It logouts user as expected.

But, can anybody tell me, why the former one doesn't work as it should ?


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