Hi Dirksen,

   Ok.. you need to set the 'load by accessing attribute' field
to 'original_object'. You may need to change your SkinScript to
something like:

WITH getMale(self.id) COMPUTE original_object=(RESULT is _.None) and NOT_FOUND or 

So that when getMale returns _.None, the SkinScript returns NOT_FOUND


>>>>> "Dirksen" == Dirksen  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dirksen> Hi Steve,

    Dirksen> Both racks are set to be loaded by accessing 'id', which,
    Dirksen> as you guessed right, don't appear in handling attributes
    Dirksen> list!

    Dirksen> This is the simplified skinscript in maleMemberRack: WITH
    Dirksen> getMale(self.id) COMPUTE original_object=RESULT WITH
    Dirksen> self.original_object COMPUTE name=id, gender=gender,
    Dirksen> email=email

    Dirksen> getMale is a python method: member = getMember(id) if
    Dirksen> id.gender == 'male': return member

    Dirksen> Things just go opposite direction in femaleMemberRack.

    Dirksen> What do you think?

    Dirksen> Dirksen

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