Hi Jerry,

   You could remove the adaptor Product from Zope the Zope Products
folder and restart, the object will be broken, but deletable, then
restore the Product and restart Zope. 

>>>>> "Spicklemire," == Spicklemire, Jerry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Spicklemire,> Hi Zope Fans,

    Spicklemire,> Has anyone found a good way to delete a Database
    Spicklemire,> Connection that hangs Zope at startup? The
    Spicklemire,> connection seems to be waiting "forever", and so
    Spicklemire,> there is no access to the Zope interface, so of
    Spicklemire,> course I can't delete, or disable the offending
    Spicklemire,> object.

    Spicklemire,> If there were just a way to set it to not connect
    Spicklemire,> immediately, prior to startup, that should be
    Spicklemire,> sufficient. The general question is, "How do you
    Spicklemire,> access a Zope Object, without running Zope?"

    Spicklemire,> BTW, I take back everything I said about RDBMS
    Spicklemire,> Storages being superfluous .  . .

    Spicklemire,> Thanks, Jerry S.

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