Hi Dirksen,

   In python you would normally do:


   but it might be easier/better in the case of a DataSkin 
to use a SkinScript 'WHEN OBJECT DELETED xxx  '.


>>>>> "Dirksen" == Dirksen  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dirksen> I have a ZClass 'stuff' which is a subclass of
    Dirksen> DataSkin. 'stuff' overrides 'manage_delete' method, so as
    Dirksen> to do some extra clean-up jobs. After that, it will call
    Dirksen> its ancestor's 'manage_delete' method to wipe itself
    Dirksen> off. In java, you can do this by calling
    Dirksen> 'super.manage_delete()', but how to do it in zope?

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