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Smith Ray schrieb:
> * Runs on Windows NT/2000 only. (Zope can + many others)

> * Uses MS IIS only (I believe Zope can use IIS + built in web server +
> others)
apache, zserver, iis

> * Uses MS SQL Server (I believe Zope can + built in DB + others)
zope with mysql, postgresql, informix, ...

> * Allows non technical people to create content plus add users / managers
> etc without any HTML knowledge or knowledge outside of the package.
product: IEMethod
wysiwyg even in internet explorer. 
really great! check it out

> * Has good security system allowing users to belong to groups which
> "may" have different content. Also managers have profiles allowing
> the restriction of content and actions performed.
no problem

> * Has a news module with multiple classes of news.
products: ZDocumentStore, ...

> * Has a basic calendar system.
products: EventFolder (very powerfull), EvTracker (very simple)

> * Has a basic messaging system.
> * Has a basic knowledge base ... allows free format text to be entered
> and later searched.

> * Allows external documents to be loaded associated with a group where
> keywords can be manually entered.
> These documents can then be opened or downloaded if users have correct
> permissions.
easy to realize i assume

> * Basically all content added can be added to specific groups, and if
> you don't have access that that group you don't have access to that
> content.
right (roles, users, acl-user-folders)

> There are probably a few things I missed but you get the idea.
> The cost thrown up in the air was in the order of $AUS20,000 for a
> 3 year rental, per site!!!! (At the moment that is about $US35,000)
> When you start talking dozens of sites you quickly start looking
> for alternatives!
they must be jokeing

> My initial thought was Zope, I knew it existed and assumed with
> a good design and few months work a could produce similar results
> with a fraction of the costs.
> Okay, sorry for the long email ... my questions ...
> Are there any "Intranet" type packages which have similar
> functionality to what I have quickly described?
just go create it, 4 weeks and you know how it goes.

> If I had to build something like this myself would Zope be the tool
> of choice? (I'm assuming it would be since I'm on a Zope list!)

> How long (rough estimate) would something like this take to develop
> for a Zope newbie?
> (Assume say 10 viewable screens and 10-20 maintenance screens with
> 5-30 fields per screen.  I have programming (Cobol, VB, etc), HTML,
> DB and analysis experience)
about 3 months to make it decent

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