I think that may be what I'm missing. I don't see any way to add MarketItems
from within the marketItems folder. The only form is
ShopperMarketItemAddForm which doesn't seem to let me actually add
MarketItems and always returns the following message "You must be validated
for submission first..." no matter who I am logged in as (Zope manager or
EMartket Shopper).

Is a ShopperMarketItem the same as a MarketItem?

I'm aware that more effort is being put into 0.2 for obvious reasons so I
don't want to take up too much more of your time. I just really don't need
the power of the ZPattern version nor do I want to waste time trying to get
ZPatterns installed. I have tried a few of the other e-commerce products and
EMartet seems to have the best mix of simplicity and power.



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> From: Steve Spicklemire [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 10:36 PM
> Subject:      Re: [Zope] Re: EMarket 0.1.04b1
> Hi Jamey,
>    Sorry.. you're right. I haven't used 0.1.x in quite a while.
> Have you tried just using the administrative interface 
> to add a MarketItem in the marketItems folder? 
> -steve
> >>>>> "James" == James Sintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     James> Do I need to have ZPatterns installed to use Emarket
>     James> 0.1.04b1? I thought Zpatterns was only needed for EMarket
>     James> 0.2.
>     James> Jamey
>     James> -----Original Message----- From: Steve Spicklemire To:
>     James> Sent: 1/8/2001 4:25 PM Subject: [Zope] Re: EMarket 0.1.04b1
>     James> Sorry.. it's my fault for not providing better docs.. sadly
>     James> it's not been something I've had time for... esp since all
>     James> the ZPatterns changes were added.
>     James> 1) Create ZClasses for your MarketItems, Baskets,
>     James> BasketItems and Shoppers (be sure to subclass from
>     James> ZPatterns:DataSkin)
>     James> 2) In the Racks for each of these Specialists set the
>     James> storage to the appropriate ZClass.
>     James> 3) There is a very simple marketItem management interface
>     James> in the marketItems specialist that you should modify to
>     James> suit your taste.  It should be enough to get you going.
>     James> When I get some time... dunno when... I'll try to make a
>     James> more complete example for folks.
>     James> -steve
> >>>>> "James" == James Sintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     James> Perhaps I'm missing something fundamental, but I can't seem
>     James> to figure out how to add products to EMarket 0.1.04b1
>     James> running on Zope 2.2.2
>     James> Everything installed just fine and I can add an EMarket
>     James> object, but I don't see where, or how I go about adding
>     James> things to sell. I don't care about the auction features, I
>     James> just want to sell a handful of products on my site.
>     James> When I go to the MarketItems folder, and try submitting an
>     James> item using the ShopperMarketItemAddForm it returns a screen
>     James> saying "You must be validated for submission first...". I
>     James> am logged in as a manager. If I log out and then register a
>     James> new user and then try I'm told I don't have permission to
>     James> add a new MarketItem. What gives?  The read me doesn't
>     James> provide much insight on what I am doing wrong. Are there
>     James> zClasses I need to add or templates I need to create before
>     James> the thing will work?  Thanks!!  Jamey
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