One other bizarre symptom: when I test the database connection with a
INSERT query it works and inserts data into the designated MySQL table in
the query, although there is no indication that it is working in Zope. I
changed the user table for the MySQL user cited in the connection string so
that all privileges are on and still no luck.

P. Johnson

>>For a quick test, run the mysql client from the command line.
>>Let's say your connection string was:
>>          foodb paul passwd
>>Start mysql like this:
>>$ mysql -u paul -p foodb
>>And when prompted for the password, enter passwd.
>>This will ensure mysql is setup correctly.  Make sure you do this from
>>the same machine that is running Zope, as MySql can be configured for
>>different access from different machines.
>>If you want to play with "null" passwords and such, look at the
>>mysql.user and mysql.db tables.  Remember to run "mysqladmin
>>flush-privileges" after making changes to the user and db tables.
>This last part I did not know, thanks!
>Ok, I am getting closer. I finally found a connection string that Zope
>accepts, but now when I test the connection with a query like "SHOW
>TABLES;" or a SELECT query it I get the message:
>     "There was no data matching this Z MySQL Database Connection
>(connected) query."
>- even though I know these tables exist. The connection says that it is
>open and it will only accept connection strings of databases that really
>exist in MySQL.

>MySQL user name: root
>password: none
>Zope Connection string: [EMAIL PROTECTED] root
>In the grant tables there is the following entries:
>In user: [EMAIL PROTECTED] with no privileges
>In db: [EMAIL PROTECTED] with all privileges for mydatabase.* except for
>One other parameter that may have a bearing: the box's name is
> even though it hosts (or is it the
>other way around?).
>Any suggestions why the connection is not working properly?

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