this could be done in python in either an external method or python
script/method. you can execute arbitrary SQL (which you would dynamically
generate in python) on a database connection using the "query" method that
is part of every database adapter.

you need to

- get a handle to your database connection by *calling* the database
connection you have in your ZODB, like "db_conn = self.mydbconnection()"

- once you have constructed the string carrying the SQL for one update
statement you can pass it as argumant to the query method on the database
connection, like "result = db_conn.query(sql_string)"

looking at that page you put up you will have to create a SQL string for
every student shown on the page and pick the correct variables from REQUEST
for the SQL update statement.


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> I realise that this may be more of a burden on your time than a normal
> request... but I'm hoping that some of you have met similar problems
> before and can suggest the best way round the problem.
> Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks very much,
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