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>> Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 9:30 AM
>> Subject: [Zope] MySQLDA and MySQL-python - patch needed?
>> My Zope-MySQL connection is still not quite working. It appears that the
>> request from Zope is reaching MySQL and it if is an UPDATE or INSERT
>> it executes properly on the MySQL side. However, SELECT queries
>> and similar
>> are not getting their information back to Zope from MySQL. Is there some
>> patch I am missing here? Anybody know how to fix this?
>> FYI:
>> I installed from these rpms
>> This did not install into my Zope installation directory, so I used a
>> symbolic link in my Zope Products directory that points to the
>> directory of
>> MySQLDA install. Could this be the cause? Perhaps information that
>> be returned from MySQL is getting lost on the return trip. If so,
>> how would
>> I fix it? Any ideas?
>The RPMS install the DA where the Zope RPMS install Products.  I actually
>put my products in the same place (RPMS or not) and use symbolic links for
>the different instances of Zope I have running, so I know symbolic links
>will work.  If DA product is showing not broken in the Control Panel, then
>it was installed properly.

On my box only DA is symlinked to a different location. The rest of my
products reside in a child directory of the main Zope installation. I am
only running one Zope instance. This shouldn't be a problem, right?

>Are you getting any error messages?  How do you know the information is
>getting back to Zope?  When you test the queries on the connection
>management screen, do you get results?

>From Zope management database connection Test tab, on valid SELECT queries
it tells me that there was no data matching my query. On invalid SELECT
queries (ones on nonexistent tables or columns) Zope raises the correct
error originating from MySQL, such as "Error Value: (1146, "Table
'somedatabase.sometable' doesn't exist")". The trial queries I am testing
through Zope all work from the MySQL command line so I know they do in fact
return data. It appears that error messages are making it back to Zope from
MySQL but real query results are not.

I did some more searching and see that two other posters on this list have
also had this identical problem, but no solutions have been posted (at
least that I can find).

ONE IDEA: I had already spent some time on installing DA before I found
your RPMs. Previous to this I was trying some older, more complicated
methods outlined on and started installing some of the necessary
components for installation. I did clean up before installing from the
RPMs, but perhaps I missed something and some residue lingers. I know how
to uninstall RPMs, but other than that how do I make sure I have a clean
slate before trying to install anew? I think there is quite a number of mod
dependencies here. Also I am confused on a basic piece of Zope
configuration: my box has its own python and Zope has its own python, why
two and are they sharing modules? If you want to add a module for both
installs of python do I have to install in both? If I install a python
module in my box's python can Zope's python find and use it? I am confused
on this basic question.

I also did this as (contributed previously to the list) to fix a install
but broken DA. Directory, site-packages, now exists in two locations. Is
this a problem?

>Seems that because of how my Zope was installed had problems... I copied
>files from /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/ to
>/usr/local/zope/lib/python/Products/ZmySQLDA and all was sweet.

Day 5 of the insanity continues.


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