Yes, you can call another object outside your "tree".  Example:
lets say you have 

and you want to access item2 from item1 in dtml you need to put item2
into the context:
<dtml-with "folder2.item2">
This puts  item2 from folder2 into context... any dtml-var calls will
first be applied to item2
until the closing with tag
title of item2 = <dtml-var title>

with the "folder2.item2" Zope starts walking up the tree until it finds
folder2 then walks down to find item2

hope this helps


"Vincent Stoessel" wrote:
>  Hello All,
>  I have starting testing Zope as a potential
>  CMS for some production websites. I think I understand the
>  basic of to create and edit pages in the Zope system.
>  I haver a few questions for those more experieced with
>  this system. I am very familiar with php so I need someone
>  to translate these concepts for me.
>  include_path : I understand that you can automatically
>  include objects into pages by referencing their id, I also
>  that Zope automatically searches up the parent chain till it finds a

>  matching object. But what if I want to include something outside of
>  tree? or just wanted a central repositories of object that I wanted
>  be able access from anywhere.
>  i.e
>  cars                 colors
>  | 
>       |
>  ford 
>        red
>  |
>  toyota
>  if cars and colors are on seperate branches, how an I
>  "cross" the brnches to access objects.

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