There are several solutions to this one.
1. Your ISP probably didn't remove the python1.5 build. 'python' is usually just a link to python1.5.  If you install python 2.0 on top of it, the link will point to python2.0. So change the reference to python in the start script to be python1.5 instead, and it will work. If you removed your old 2.2.2 site, build the 2.2.5 one with 'python1.5'
2. If python1.5 actually is removed, compile a version of 1.5 on your own with './configure --prefix=/path/to/your/home && make && make install'. Put that in your path, and use that version of python to build with.
3. Although not official, the CVS checkout of Zope (2.3.1beta+), does seem to work just fine with python2.0. But maybe that will break something else in the products that you are using.
/Magnus (Is there no way to tell Outlook2000 to NOT send a message in html format EVER? :-P)

My web site had been working until this morning for months without a problem. When investigating the cause of the crush I found out that my ISP just upgraded to python 2.0 without my knowledge. My site is as far as I know the only zope site there. It does not start or build. I tried to upgrade to version 2.2.5 (I was running 2.2.2) without a success.
This is what i got when trying to upgrade to version 2.2.5 :

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