Here's an example from one of my workinig tech-support forms. I used to have
a Bcc: right after the Cc:

<dtml-with "PARENTS[-1]"><dtml-sendmail mailhost=MailHost>
Reply-to: <dtml-var ReplyTo>
Subject: New Employee Setup

Name:       <dtml-var mvxfname> <dtml-var mvxminitial> <dtml-var mvxlname>
Manager:    <dtml-var mvxmanager>
Start Date: <dtml-var mvxsdate>
Department: <dtml-var mvxdept>
Cubicle:    <dtml-var mvxcubicle>

Office Phone: <dtml-var mvxNumbers>. <dtml-var mvxVoiceMail>.

E-Mail:     <dtml-var mvxEmail missing="off">

<dtml-if mvxaliases>
<dtml-in mvxaliases>
    <dtml-var sequence-item>
</dtml-in mvxaliases>
</dtml-if mvxaliases>

<dtml-if mvxEmailLists>
E-Mail Distribution Lists:
<dtml-in mvxEmailLists>
    <dtml-var sequence-item>
</dtml-in mvxEmailLists>
</dtml-if mvxEmailLists>

-- end --

</dtml-sendmail></dtml-with "PARENTS[-1]">

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Subject: [Zope] (Cc || Bcc) && <dtml-sendmail>

We built our intranet on ZOPE 2.2.x, mostly it is a tech support app that
ensures our techs only deliver the info we need.  Anyway, the method of
doing this is sending a form via email with the info.

The Problem:  I would like to Cc or Bcc the originator of the request with a
copy of the request for record keeping purposes. I cannot however seem to
get Cc or Bcc, written as headers much like the To and From, to work with
<dtml-sendmail>.  In addition, all documentation of <dtml-sendmail> I have
seen does not talk about either Cc or Bcc.  Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance...

Jeffrey D. Peterson
Webmaster/Web & Web Applications Developer
Range TV & Broadband
1813 E. 3rd Ave.  Hibbing, MN 55746

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