Hi all.

I have set up, in a clean Zope installation, a MySQL database adapter. My 
connection string is "test test test", indicating a user test with password 
test connection to the test database.

The adapter indicates that it can connect to the database, and I can send 
queries to the database. CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, and other queries 
work just fine through the "test" tab of the adapter management interface, 
but it does not seem to be able return any data through a SELECT query. 
This does not work in the "test" table nor in a SQL method. Using a query, 
such as "select * from test", it always replies with:

There was no data matching this My Query query.

SQL used:
select * from test

I know the queries are reaching the database, because if I give it a bogus 
command, it gives me an error, and if I give it a command that affects the 
data, I can see that reflected in the database itself with MySQL's "mysql" 
client. So what is a problem here?

As another test, I tried out the MySQL-python module; it works just fine.

I'm using Python 2.0, Zope 2.3b2, ZMySQLDA 1.2.0, MySQL-python 0.3.0.

Thanks for any help.


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