Hi list!

I run: -zope 2.2.4 -python 1.5.2 - solairs (sunos5) on ES450
and the ZopeSybase DA v2. I am not sure if the SQL transactions are
multiplexed (I mean that I can run several SQL requests at the same
time). I try :
/A/firstZSQLMethod - firstSybDA
/B/anotherZSQLMethod - anotherSybDA, but on the same sybase server
in two browsers running in two differents computer, and it seems the
second transaction is always waiting for the first to finish, before
running (so it will mean there is no multiplexed).

I'm not sure what the problem is, how to test and perharps fix it. What
I know is that the SybaseDA v2 claimed to be fully multithreaded.
But now :
-How do I test if Zope+SybDA is truly multiplexed ? I have try 2
simultaneous requests, but there is so much parameters (os, python,
zope, sybda ...) that I don't know if it is the right direction.
-How do I test if Python 1.5.2 is trully multitrheaded ? It is "home
mad", I have to compile it with the Sun C compiler because there is no
GNU tools on our system, and I have done a lot of work to have python
compiling. So perharps I miss something about multithreading in python.

Thanks a lot for advise.

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