Olaf Zanger wrote:
> hi there,
> according to what i have seen on the homepage it seems like ZDatabaseTool is the
> missing link to push zope to a all in one solution.

Thanks for the flowers ;-)
> until now we solved most of our stuff with znolkwizard. this is a great product for
> what it is designed.
> it has some shortcomes though.

I never tested ZNolk ... I found it just 2 minutes ago on the product
As far as I understand it helps you creating ZSQLMethods and
ZDTMLDocuments for searching, inserting,
updating and so on.

Unlike ZNolk ZDatabaseTool's Wizard creates a ZDatabaseWizard object. So
if you give new features to this class
all your already existing ZDatabaseWizard instances will take advantage
of this new behavior. 

I know there is a lot of work especially to document the design. Perhaps
I should start 
with a small UML diagram.

> is the product planned to ship under GPL or an corresponding licence?
I really don't know. Fortunately it is not yet released so I can think
about it :-)
So far I only decided definiet to give the code back to the community in
one or the other way.
> is it possible to get a tarball for testing?
Not at this time. It's my first product. There is not only one line to
comment the code! 
Das kann ich euch wirklich nicht antun. (Sorry ... Altavista is unable
to translate this line ;-)

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