hi andreas,

> > according to what i have seen on the homepage it seems like ZDatabaseTool is the
> > missing link to push zope to a all in one solution.
> Thanks for the flowers ;-)
that's for free :-)

> > until now we solved most of our stuff with znolkwizard. this is a great product for
> > what it is designed.
> > it has some shortcomes though.
> I never tested ZNolk ... I found it just 2 minutes ago on the product
> list.
> As far as I understand it helps you creating ZSQLMethods and
> ZDTMLDocuments for searching, inserting,
> updating and so on.
> Unlike ZNolk ZDatabaseTool's Wizard creates a ZDatabaseWizard object. So
> if you give new features to this class
> all your already existing ZDatabaseWizard instances will take advantage
> of this new behavior.
well, that's missing in znolk :-(

> So far I only decided definiet to give the code back to the community in
> one or the other way.
that's great to hear

> > is it possible to get a tarball for testing?
> Not at this time. It's my first product. There is not only one line to
> comment the code!
probably the source is the documentation?
or finally somebody helps you out with documentation.

> Das kann ich euch wirklich nicht antun. (Sorry ... Altavista is unable
> to translate this line ;-)
ah, you mean you can't do that to us?

anyway, probably you want to tag it as "alpha/beta/non documented" or so -- that
helps novices to keep fingers off :-).

anyway, as you said, you want to let it free so probably early freedom helps to raise
the child quickly :-)


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