This should be what you are looking for:

I have been running Zope on Win95 and Win98 on laptops for learning,
development and off-line site demsontration very happily for a long time.

You don't 'execute dtml files' ... Zope uses them for many purposes as
server-side scripts which are rendered and returned as ordinary HTML in the
client web browser. DTML files can combine Zope-specific syntax, Python
sytnax, Javascript stuff, CSS etc.

Learning how to design for Zope, factoring the application, when and where
to use the many tools and techniques - it takes time and practice to do
well. But it is possible to get simple but impressive results very fast.

DTML can be called within other DTML, Python or directly in a URL from a web
For example:
'invent' might be one of many things including:
- a DTML Document or Method
- some other script or method typically programmed in Python and accessible
to Zope
- a Zope other object in the ZODB [Zope Object Data Base]
- a Zope 'folder' which appears as a hierarchical file system tree of
containers for Zope applications, projects and data

1. See the online version of the new Zope Book
This will be published very soon by O'Reilly

2. Run through the tutuorials which are included when you download Zope.

3. See many more guides, how-to's etc are linked from

Good luck!

- Jason
Jason CUNLIFFE = NOMADICS['Interactive Art and Technology']

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Subject: [Zope] zope on Win95

> where can i download (exact url) binary version
> of zope to install it on my win95 system?
> for now i've only been able to download python
> source code version of zope.
> how do i execute dtml files?
> i just want to know that. thanks

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