Congratulations: You immediately ran into a limitation of Python
Scripts, and then equally quickly into one of external methods. That's
good, because that means you don't get stuck into the wrong way of
programming. :-)

The "right" way of doing Zope development is with filesystem python products.

Not Python Scripts, not External Methods, not ZClasses and not DTML.
Each of these may have their place, the best generic way is file
system products. I don't know what is the best starting point
nowadays, but I think doing the Boring Product tutorial still seems

For Zope development there is today basicaly two and a half different
paths to go:

One: Zope2 (which is what you started with now). This gives you access
to loads of products and a huge community to support you. This is the
right way to go if you are interested in using Zope for creating a web
site. Primarily you have a whole bunch of different content management
systems to select from (CPS, Plone and several more) to get you
started. There are also blog software and wikis and stuff that can be
used with these.

Two: Zope3. If you are more interested in developing the system, and
you want a good development framework as your reference to j2ee
indicates, then Zope 3 may be the path for you. It doesn't have that
much of all this modules like Zope2 does, but the development
framework is SO much better. I sincerely doubt there is anything even
remotely this cool anywhere else in the webworld.

The drawbacks of Zope 3 is that you'll have to develop more yourself,
and it is a bit harder to get started with.

Two and a half: Five/Zope2.8. This is a way to use the Zope3 framework
under Zope2. It's mostly of interest for people who have legacy
products under Zope2.

On Apr 4, 2005 12:49 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Hi all,
> i'm a new user of Zope; i'm studing it since two weeks
> and i think it's very
> interesting, 'cause has the same power of j2ee
> application server but it is
> much more easy to use!
> While i was developing my first Zope application i
> fell into this trouble: i
> would like to write a script that create a folder, put
> some file in it, and
> set some properties.
> The code i've writed imports date object from datetime
> package: this makes it
> doesn't work like a script (python), so i adapt code
> as an external method; but
> when i run the method Zope says that he can't find
> symbol 'container'... (mumble)
> Well, 2 are the questions:
> First, what i've to do to get service variable like
> like container, context, request, etc.. ?
> Which are differences between script and external
> method coding? i remember that the zope book
> indicates only imports.
> Ok, thank you for reading..
> Valerio

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