Andreas Pakulat wrote:
On 04.Apr 2005 - 14:02:43, Chris Withers wrote:

The moral of this whole story seems to shine through:

Don't install Zope from OS packages like debian, they never get it right and you will just end up getting confused ;-)

Yepp, especially, since Zope is that easy to install into your home...


I (a relative zope amateur) would offer my own counter-experience. I recently set up zope-coreblog and zope2.7 (using packages from debian sarge/testing), and it's been running with very few issues for several months (and I additionally was able to get ldap integration working using the ldapuserfolder Product)

maybe the "better" or "surer" way to do things is to install zope (os-agnostic) binaries, but being already familiar with debian, for me it's worked out fine (so far) to use the debian-packaged stuff (though I've admittedly not played substantially with plone yet)

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