You could do that using the excellent TextIndexNG inside a ZCatalog. This will allow you to index all your documents inside the TextIndexNG, and then search them using ZCatalog.

TextIndexNG includes support for a number of plugins in order to convert from MS Office/PDF to text and then index them.

We're using the tool inside our project (PAFlow) and we think it is an excellent product.


Robert Sösemann wrote:


I am using a ZOPE-based application on top of the ZOPE APE 
( persitence mechanism (sort of 
binary storage). So the binaries are in the normal unix file system. I now need 
to extend my application to allow full-text search inside binaries document of 
the Office Word/Excel/PPT and PDF format.

In the first step, I would be happy to find a tool/python/zope module that just tells me that a certain string is in a document, without telling me the exact place of that occurence.

Do you have solved a similar problem or know any tool to implement this 
functionality? I am looking forward to your questions.

PS: I have seen similar questions on other ZOPE lists, but they never had 
meaningful answers.

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