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I am running a server with a handfull of plone intranet sites. The server
has 4GB  memory, but is now starting to page.

What I notice is that the different Plone instances vary widely in there
memory usage. For one site every process uses 400Mb, and there are 6
processes running! That is 2.4 Gbyte for one site!

Zope runs only in one process with multiple threads (where threads on some OSes
are implemented as processes :-))

I see there is one deamon process that is small, and 6 processes that are
big. If we call the six biggies a-f:
deamon start a
a starts b
b starts c d e f

c d e f are probably zserver threads, but what do process a and b? And
why do the all have the same size and RSS? What are the alternatives to
limit the memory consumption?

a or b is likely the zdaemon spawning up the threads.

What are the alternatives to
limit the memory consumption?

Restarting Zope regularly (at night) might be a wise choice (this is a *serious* advice).


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