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Yeah, I remember poking around that code way back, and it seemed
reasonable. Its interactions with transactions are the bits that scare
me. Using a standard RDBMS connection would probably solve that though.

I revisited the SQLSession product a year ago for a consuling customer, making their hacked version a drop-in replacement for the transient storage. I can't release their code, but I maybe learned enough then to redo the task as a "PluggableSessions" product, using the "PluginRegistry" product to manage the different requried bits.

Well, I have a ZSQLSessionDataManager implementation based on the standard SessionDataManager with some changes. It appears to work fine when I test our application (which makes heavy use of sessions).

So far the SQL code is geared towards Postgres (and gadfly, I think). It'd
need some tweaking to work on MySQL ('cos MySQL is *special*) and I'm not
interested in doing that work ('cos MySQL is *special*).

insufficient priveleges

Works now !



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