Kanealii, Priam Mr KRS wrote:
Dear Zope-list,

Running with Zope 2.7.5 Plone 2.0.5..

What "nice" method exists, if any, to export CMF-ish things like
documents, events, and news items from Plone to ZopeCMF? (Or, what
search terms may have escaped me?)

Ideally, I'd like to be able to export folders in Plone and import
them to Zope CMF such that Plone-ized CMF items were magically
de-Ploned (and allow for sufficiently Plone-ized things to remain
broken). Unfortunately, importing folders or most other objects
raises a Copy Error::

    "Object *broken* does not support this operation."

I'm just wondering if there are options to porting content by hand
..which will be less than a day's work in this case (we're just
getting started). In absence of a nice method, I'm curious what
methods others may have applied in a similar situation.

I don't think that's a very common task. Plone over-rides most (or all) of the basic CMF types, and so you wouldn't be able to import them in a site without the Plone software installed.

Though, perhaps, you can use FTP to download from one and upload to the other. May lose workflow state and maybe other metadata that way, though.

If that's a problem, see CMFSetup and CMFSetupExtensions, which will allow you to export/import your site in XML, retaining metadata. You might have to go and edit the type fields in the XML, though. Though if doing it by hand will only take a day, I might not bother.


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