Title: RE: [Zope] Exporting Plone objects to Zope CMF

Thanks jcc. I didn't consider FTP at all.

I FTP-ed the CMF site to my laptop, reorganized and pruned things
filesystem-wise (where grep and friends helped out), then FTP-ed
the sanitized tree up to my local Zope instance. With two browsers,
gvim, ExternalEditor, and good old copy/paste, it didn't take long
to get into a rhythm.

One thing to note is that when the files on the filesystem were
FTP-ed up to Zope, some got lost when I uploaded them directly into
a CMF folder. I gave them their own folder in the top of the ZMI
and everything of substance wound up as a file or a DTML document.


>Kanealii, Priam Mr KRS wrote:
>> Dear Zope-list,
>> Running with Zope 2.7.5 Plone 2.0.5..
>> What "nice" method exists, if any, to export CMF-ish things like
>> documents, events, and news items from Plone to ZopeCMF? (Or, what
>> search terms may have escaped me?)
>> Ideally, I'd like to be able to export folders in Plone and import
>> them to Zope CMF such that Plone-ized CMF items were magically
>> de-Ploned (and allow for sufficiently Plone-ized things to remain
>> broken). Unfortunately, importing folders or most other objects
>> raises a Copy Error::
>>     "Object *broken* does not support this operation."
>> I'm just wondering if there are options to porting content by hand
>> ..which will be less than a day's work in this case (we're just
>> getting started). In absence of a nice method, I'm curious what
>> methods others may have applied in a similar situation.
> I don't think that's a very common task. Plone over-rides most (or all)
> of the basic CMF types, and so you wouldn't be able to import them in a
> site without the Plone software installed.
> Though, perhaps, you can use FTP to download from one and upload to the
> other. May lose workflow state and maybe other metadata that way, though.
> If that's a problem, see CMFSetup and CMFSetupExtensions, which will
> allow you to export/import your site in XML, retaining metadata. You
> might have to go and edit the type fields in the XML, though. Though if
> doing it by hand will only take a day, I might not bother.
>               --jcc

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