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Dave Whiteley wrote:
> On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 01:00:55PM +0200, SER.RI-TIC-Alexis Roda wrote:
>>Dave Whiteley wrote:
>>>Firstly, my xemacs did not recognise my Script(Python) files as being
>>>Python, and so it does not automatically switch to Python Major Mode.  
>>>I added the standard shebang "#! /usr/bin/python" to the start of the
>>>file which fixed this. However it would be nice if it were to
>>>recognise Zope's script preamble.  Please could someone point me at a
>>>resource to help me configure my Xemacs for this.
>>xemacs probably relies on file extension to decide the mode. Just rename 
>>your scripts and add a .py extension (not a good idea, since . is 
>>meaningful for python)
> When I have created scripts in the web interface I have just accepted
> the defaults, and so I presume that the scripts are buried in the ZDB,
> rather than being actual files. Should I give them actual filenames
> when I create them?
>>or add something like (not tested):
>># Local Variables:
>># mode:python
>># End:
> Thanks, magic!  That works.
> Now if I can fix the file type problem....

You need to persuade Xemacs not to create backup files.  In "standard"
mode, when you go to save the file, it does something like:

  - rename the original, giving it a backup suffix

  - Writes the new file, giving it the original name

  - (maybe) delete the renamed original

That second step is where the DTMDocument is being created.

If you can't find a solution to that problem, then you could add an
ExternalMethod named 'PUT_factory', and take over control of the choice
of object type being created yourself.  See the following for hints:


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