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Brian Hickey wrote:
Hi Jochen,

Thanks for the info.  This is a strange one - it's a little awkward to find
out what's going on, as it's a shared hosting facility with some kind of
virtual private server setup on it.  There seems to be two versions of
python - 2.3.4 and 2.1.3.  The 2.1.3 was installed when I installed
Zope-2.6.3.  However, if I call python from the command line, I get 2.3.4.

try e.g. calling python2.1 . If you have an uptodate portssystem you have several python ports, which could be installed in parallel, each with a seperate lib and sitepackages directory.

lang/python (normally the newest version of python, now 2.4.1, installes
             an executable "python")
lang/python21 (install an executable "python2.1")
lang/python22 (likewise)
lang/python23 (likewise)

How do I go about updating the version of python that Zope is using?  In
your experience, do you reckon that will solve the issue?

if you make an update to e.g. python 2.3.x, you would have to reinstall Zope (but i don't know if Zope 2.6.3 runs with python 2.3.x)

Also look if the python 2.3.4 is compiled with the option "HUGE_STACK_SIZE" set to "on" (you can look at /var/db/ports/python23/options) If not, you have to reinstall it with this option set.

So you can either update the python 2.1.3 to the newest version of the lang/python21 port (which includes the stacksize patch) and keep running the Zope 2.6.3 (but IIRC this is a rather buggy version of Zope) or update to the actual versions (Zope 2.7.6 with Python 2.3.5, but Python 2.3.4 should work too, both)

If you have no Zope-Products installed, that doesn't work with the newer version, i would go to the 2.3.x/2.7.6 variant.


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