>> What's that about?  The only part of ZODB that uses
>> zlib/gzip is the repozo.py backup script.

> Hmm, I don't know;  I was basing it on a memory of building
> out a ZEO storage server on a "bare bones" Unix box, and
> having something during the build / startup phase barf,
> complaining about the absence of zlib.
> Perhaps I conflated two memories.  I'm pretty sure that
> *something* in the Zope codebase requires zlib, but I take
> Tim's word for it that I wrongly attributed that dependency to

I didn't say you were wrong, I just asked what this was about ;-)  I
bet it has something to do with this msg pumped out by Zope's
inst/configure.py if "import zlib" fails:

The Python interpreter you are using does not appear to have the 'zlib'
library module installed.  For Zope to be able to run, you must install a
Python interpreter which includes the zlib module, or install the zlib library
into your Python interpreter manually.  The file which represents the library
is named 'zlib.so' (UNIX) or 'zlib.dll' (Windows) and is typically located in
the 'lib-dynload' directory of your Python's library directory.  Some
Python packagers ship the zlib module as a separate installable
binary. If you are using a system-provided Python installation, you
may want to look for a 'python-zlib' package (or something like it)
and install it to make the
Python zlib module available to Zope.

Run the configure script with the --ignore-zlib option to prevent this
warning with the understanding that Zope will not start properly until
you've installed the zlib module.

zlib is imported by 10 other Zope modules then.  Think this one is
nailed <wink>.
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