David H wrote:
a) "It's grim to debug"
Chris, do you really depend on their users to report URLS to support when things go wrong? I use exceptions, logs and auto-emailing of exceptions "as a work around" - what was I thinking! :-)

Yes, well, I wrote MailingLogger 5 years ago, so I think I have a bit of experience with this...

Now, I want as much context as possible from any error report. By having "one url", which is a fake nasty hack anyway, you cut off one avenue of context for feedback...

b) (stable url will ...) "confuse your users even more when it goes wrong. "but the thingy in the box is still the same, why is it not working" Chris, this may come as a shock to you, but my users say something incomprehensible like "Purchase Order Edit" "is not working" or COA Maintenance needs A, B and C.

Are you seriously telling me this helps you out more than if you ask a user to paste the URL into the "url" box in your issue tracker and they put:


rather than:


Being able to map a URL directly to an object traversal and method is one of the core ideas behind Zope, you're deliberately blowing this away...

Somehow I  know what they are talking about - and so do they.

Yes, well, I prefer specific information rather than "somehow" ;-)

(2) Then, I said "If there are superior patterns (for Business Apps) Im the first that wants to see them and this is a welcome discussion"

And you asserted "... there are *many* but that are beyond the scope of this list"

Simple disagreement! I feel its a neglected subject and should be on this list.

Not on this list, there are plenty of patterns lists, books, etc...



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