Josef Meile wrote:
The CMF's "ActionsTool" is a prime example for such
a link factory. "CMFDefault"s "" demonstrates
how to iterate over the links generated by "portal_actions"
(the "ActionsTool" instance in a CMF site).

Does that mean creating a CMF site?

I'm finding it hard enough figuring stuff out without adding CMF into the mix...

No, you can already do lots of things without CMF and using ZPT and
python scripts. You asked for a working example, so, Dieter pointed you
out to a feature of CMF that does it. Anyway, for the task you need, I
think the example of Vital will do the job.

It's up to you wheter or not install CMF or other Content management
system. After all everybody has diferent needs.

Just to be picky, if you install Plone, you're installing most of the CMF functionality. Plone is heavily based on the CMF, at least tool-wise. (Most of the CMF templates, if not all, have gone away by now.)

The actions tool, for instance, is almost straight from CMF; Plone over-rides one method.

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