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Yuri wrote at 2005-6-6 11:56 +0200:
I would like to index a text property of an object in the ZCatalog. The text is in French language, but I have a problem: I have to find results for the related non accented letters!

I mean, If I do a search for "actualite", the index should return also the object which text contains "actualitè".

Implement a PythonScript that performs the normalization of
"context.SearchableText()", say "NormalizedSearchableText".

Ensure, it is acquirable by your indexed objects.

Index "NormalizedSearchableText" rather than "SearchableText"
and use this index for your searches.

Ensure, that you perform the same normalization on search
terms before you use them in a query.

Weel, I cannot change the index, it already has his name... it is a collection of thousands of object, this one I want to pre-filter before index are just a small part...

Or you mean I have to do something about  SearchableText()?

I have to index in a way the user find the term even if it does not use accented letters on a current index that already has indexed thousands of objects...

Can I hook somewhere in the middle, so I Index them in the way I want? :)

By the way, "ManagableIndex" greatly facilitates the inclusion
of normalizers. However, it currently does not interface with
a "TextIndex" (only a "WordIndex").

I'll take a look, thanks :)
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