Use the Z SQL Method cache if you can. 
The important difference is that the z sql method cache is for all
people whereas the REQUEST is just for one person.
Generic SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM documents;
Personal SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM documents WHERE uid=<dtml-sqlvar
your_username type="string">

> Hi,
> I am developing an application that is a front end to an RDBMS.
> Sometimes, when loading a page, several scripts get called that all
> require the same information from the database.  It would obviously be
> costly for each script to call the same ZSQL method.  My method for
> avioiding this senario is...
> Get the scripts to call another script that is a wrapper to the ZSQL
> method.  This wrapper script returns context.REQUEST[value_name] if it
> exists or, if it does not exist, executes the ZSQL method, stuffs the
> result into REQUEST[value_name] and then returns it.
> I am not convinced that this is the right way of dealing with this
> situation however.  Is there a better way?
> Thanks,
> Calisp
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